Stamping Ideas with Amazing Collection

by Valerie
I love to use my stamps and try different techniques with them. 
This month’s stamp in the Amazing kit combines words, icons, and rounded stamps and is perfect to create some background or some DIY embellishments. 
When I am bored of stamping on white paper (which is actually what I do most of the time), I like to use my chalk inks and stamp on black paper. It makes a soft effect and, if you stamp it twice, it makes an even more soft effect. This also works very nicely with Oxide Inks. 
I always try to make the most of my stamps and a fun way to do it is using masking tape to alter the shape of it. The possibilities, then, are endless… 
As you can see in the next picture, I often forget to take the washi tape off after inking my stamp… Don’t make the same mistake as me ;) 
I wish my « home » stamping was less messy but embracing mistakes is ok too! 
For my next example, I wanted to alter the rainbow stamp and in doing so, give me different shapes of rainbows to use in my memory-keeping album using only one stamp! 
With the wonky circle stamp, I made a background combining it with the little hearts stamp. First, I inked my circle. Then, I apply the hearts stamp on the ink of the first stamp, trying to remove the most of it. Finally, I stamped my circle on the paper and it gives it a fun twist. 
I have something for tags and I tend to put them in every project I create. In this last example, I made a tag using almost all the stamps of the Amazing collection and black ink only. I am very happy with the way it turned out. 
Later this week, I’ll share an Instagram video making this tag. Stay tuned! 

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