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Wedding Album with the Celebrations Collection

Hi everyone, 

I am glad to be on the blog today sharing a wedding album I made with the Celebrations kit. 

This wedding took place in May 2014, and I wanted to work on it for a long, long time. As soon as I saw the Celebrations products, I knew they would be perfect. 

Here are the links to some stuff that I used to make it: 

- [Document] Life Stories - Pocket Pages Kit Celebrations

- DLS Design Puffy Stickers

- A few journaling cards from various collections 

- DLS Design Clear Stamp Gilmo Big Alphabet Fine Line


When I want to work on an entire album in a short time, I always follow the same process and start by selecting and editing my photos. This is not the funniest part of it, but when it’s done, it’s done, and it allows me to focus on the stories. 




I usually print my photos at home, unless I have a bunch to print, then I order them in a cheaper place. Here, I placed my photos on 6x8 collages that allow me to print two 3x8 photos on the same page, and I sent them to my local printer. 

Then, I enjoyed placing my photos in the album. I usually follow a chronological organization, but I also am very focused on colors. When photos and embellishments are in the same color scheme on one page, it makes a bold impact, which I love. 

The most fun part begins when all the photos have found their place in the album. I always start by looking at which products I want to use and placing them randomly next to the photos they match. At this moment, it is only fun, and I don’t commit to anything; I don’t glue or staple any embellishments. It is also when I write some ideas on loose papers, to remember them later. 

And it is time for the messy part… I like to bring my matching inks, stamps and… do my own PL cards. For this, I love to use the ephemera that we get in each kit. They are so versatile and so easy to mix and match. I love to do the usual 3x4 and 4x6, but I also love to make my 3x8 cards. 

My favorite kind of page is when I can put the embellishment directly on the photo. I tend to think about that when I am editing my pics, and I let some blank space on the photo have the space for « something ». Most of the time, I love how it turns out. 

My next step is to add little details as tabs. I don’t think I ever made an album without tabs. They are perfect for giving the necessary attention to a 3x8 insert, for example. 

I will then take a little time to work on the cover. It is a page I want to be simple. Here I used one of the Gilmo alpha stamps to write the first letters of the groom and bride names. 


The final step is to put everything together. It is, of course, the most enjoyable part. Here is a short video of what it looks like when all the photos and embellishments are done: 




I hope you like this album, and you will find some inspiration to do yours. Don’t forget to share it with us on the DLS community or Instagram! 

Thanks for reading and watching! 

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