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What is a kit?

A kit is a bundle of exclusive products carefully designed and assembled into a collection of products every month. You can use this to create a project of your choice, to record your life and story. Everything perfectly coordinated, but also a lot of previous and upcoming collections. That saves time and searching! The content can vary per subscription type; an indication of the products is listed under each subscription.

How much does a kit cost?

We currently sell 4 different kits in subscription form: the scrap kit, the pocket page kit, the 9x12 XL kit, and the 12x12 XL kit. The price of the scrap kit and pocket page kit is €27.50 or €29.99, depending on the chosen term. For this, we provide a value of at least €45. Depending on the duration chosen, the 12x12 XL and 9x12 XL kit cost €49.99 or €54.99 and contain products worth at least €75. Some of these products will not be available outside the kit and are exclusive to subscribers.

How does a kit work?

With a kit subscription, you will never go wrong again! Every month there is a package with products ready for you so that you can immediately start documenting your story. You choose monthly whether you want to have the kit shipped or pick it up at the store in Linschoten (NL). You can choose between a pocket page kit, scrap kit, 9x12 kit, and an XL kit. You can also choose to take out multiple subscriptions. You decide whether you receive the kit for 6 or 12 months.

How often do the kits come out?

Depending on the chosen term of the subscription, you will receive 6 or 12 kits within your subscription period. These are sent monthly from the last Thursday of the month, for which you will receive a monthly message from us to order additional products and have them combined.

Is it possible to pick up my kit?

It is possible to collect your kit. You do not have to indicate this when taking out the subscription, because you can choose per month whether you want to collect or ship the kit. This can change every month, just like the delivery address.

When will I receive the first kit?

When you take out a subscription, your subscription starts with the following kit launch. Every year we launch various collections from DLS Design and Little Miss Evie. The monthly DLS Design collection is often also the collection on which the kit is based. We always launch this collection at the end of a month. Bij het afsluiten van je abonnement ontvang je van ons een kortingscode, die je eenmalig kunt gebruiken om een reeds verschenen kit met korting aan te schaffen. Ideaal wanneer je net na de lancering van een collectie besluit om een abonnement te nemen en niet wilt wachten tot de lancering van de nieuwste kit. Houdt er wel rekening mee dat deze kit dan niet mee telt binnen je abonnement.

Can I also order a one-time kit?

The scrap kit and the pocket page kit can also be ordered separately if we still have kits left after delivery to the subscribers. The subscribers get priority and also have the option to purchase an extra kit with their subscription. After this period, the remaining kits will become available online for individual sale. We cannot guarantee that this will happen or what the monthly stock of the remaining kits is. Keep in mind that you will receive a monthly 20% discount on a kit by taking out an annual subscription. This translates to 3 free kits per year, compared to individual sales. With a half-year subscription, you will, of course, also save, albeit only slightly less. A kit has advantages anyway because, in addition to exclusive products that are only available in the kits, you receive more than 200 euros annually on products through the subscription. The 12x12 XL kit and the 9x12 XL kit will generally not be available separately and will be offered exclusively to subscribers.

Are there any additional costs involved, such as delivery costs?

There are no hidden costs such as VAT or administration costs. The price you see is the price you pay monthly. What is not included in the price are any delivery costs and products that you order extra as a subscriber. You can choose monthly whether you want to collect the kit or have it shipped. When ordering and paying, the current shipping costs will be displayed. You may be entitled to reduced or even no shipping costs when you order additional products. You do not have to pay delivery costs if you order for more than €49.99 (including kit). From €30 (including kit), we ask for a reduced rate of €2.99.

Do subscribers get additional benefits?

We think being a subscriber should be an advantage. Not only that, you save monthly on your products, which can go up to 3 kits for free per year. But in addition, the subscriber has several advantages, such as being able to combine an order from DLS Design as well as from Scrapdelight, which is sent with your kit without extra shipping costs. In addition, subscribers can be the first to order exclusive add-ons, receive the kit first, and receive a discount on selected add-ons and seasonal collections such as Summer Stories. You will notice more benefits as soon as you become a subscriber!

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