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How to work with wax

Step 1

Take your wax burner and place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface. The wax burner is the ideal tool to safely use the wax beads and let the wax melt hands-free. Place a tea light underneath the burner.

Step 2

Take your spoon and add wax beads to the spoon. You can use 3 up to 6 beads in your spoon.
The amount of wax beads will depend on the size of your wax head and the amount of overflow you prefer.

You can choose a single colour beads or mix the colours.
For example, colours like White Translucent and White Pearlescent give amazing effects to your result if you mix them with other beads.

Step 3

Place the filled spoon on the wax burner and let the wax melt. You can use the stirring spoon to dip in the wax if not melted completely or stir the melted wax beads.

Step 4

Once all the wax beads are melted, carefully take the spoon of the burner and pour the molten wax onto a suitable surface like a silicone mat or a marble coaster. Gently press the wax seal with the handle into the melted wax and let it cool down before removing the wax head.

What do you need?

How to get started

Starter Kit

Introducing our Wax Starter Set - your gateway to the world of wax crafting! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to create stunning wax seals easily and precisely. Let your creativity flow as you embark on a journey of wax artistry.

Included in the set:

  1. Wax Burner: Our high-quality wax burner provides a safe and efficient way to melt your wax beads.
  2. Stirring Spoon: Our stirring spoon allows you to blend and mix your wax colors effortlessly. Achieve beautiful color combinations and unique effects with ease.
  3. Wax Beads: This set includes wax beads so you can get started on your project right away. You can expand the colors with the individual wax beads sets we sell.
  4. Melting Spoon: Designed with a long handle and usable for both left and right handed people.
  5. Wax Seal Handle: Enhance your wax seal experience with our sturdy and ergonomic handle. It provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy attachment and removal of wax stamp heads.

Tips & Trics

How many wax beads do you need?

The amount of wax heads you need for your stamp depends on the size of the stamp. See below how many beads you need for each size.

15 mm Stamp

2 - 3 wax beads

20 mm Stamp

3 wax beads

25 mm

3 - 4 wax beads

30 mm

5 - 6 wax beads

How to get a perfect circle

The perfect circle starts with the way you pour the wax. There are two ways that we think work best.

Hold the spoon still

By holding the spoon still, the wax comes into place perfectly. This creates a nice circle without any weird spots.

Pour the wax into a round

Rotate the spoon in small circles. This creates a nice circle with a swirl effect.

After pouring the wax, it is important to press the wax stamp in gently. Try to press the stamp exactly in the middle. Do not press too hard so that the wax does not go in all directions.

Our favorite surface

Marble Coaster

Another element that will help your waxing experience is the surface you work on. We prefer our marble coasters to help get the perfect wax circle. Our coasters are not only elegant and a stunning addition to your desk, but they are also very functional. Our coasters effectively dissipate heat, allowing your wax seals to set quicker and flawlessly, ensuring a crisp and clean impression every time. Want a surface that distributes the heat? A silicone mat will be a better fit.

The coasters are also easy to clean, thanks to the smooth surface. Wipe away any wax residue or spills with a damp cloth, and they'll be ready for your next wax sealing adventure.

The coasters will not only work great for your wax pouring. You can use them underneath your burner to avoid heat building up on your desk space. They also work great for placing your hot spoon while working with the wax.

What can we say? They are functional and cute!

The marble coaster is available in a square shape or as a circle.

Provide an additional dimension

Edding Markers

Provide extra dimension with the Edding Markers. After you create the wax seal you can go over it with the marker. This provides extra dimension. You can find them among the wax tools.

How can you wax in different colors

Step 1

Melt the wax in the desired color for the mold. Meanwhile, heat the wax seal by placing it briefly on the burner.

Step 2

Once the wax is melted, pour it into the mold on the stamp. Quickly scrape off excess wax from the stamp with a palette knife. If there are any leftover bits, you can gently remove them with the knife or a piece of kitchen paper.

Step 3

Allow the stamp to cool for a moment. In the meantime, you can melt the second color of wax.

Step 4

Once melted, carefully pour the second color onto the surface, and then gently press the wax seal with the other color into the melted wax.

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