How it works and when you can expect products

👉🏼 What is a Pre-order?
A pre-order is your golden ticket to secure products even before they're available to the general public. Think of it as a reservation, ensuring you receive the item immediately upon its release. Pre-order products might be:

  • Currently in production and set to become available soon.
  • Not yet in production, with manufacturing based on the volume of pre-orders.
  • En route to our warehouse, especially when using methods like train or sea transportation.

👉🏼 Benefits of Pre-ordering:
Wondering why to pre-order? The reasons are compelling! By pre-ordering, you guarantee your spot to snag sought-after items, often sweetened with special discounts or bonuses. And sometimes, you might even enjoy early access!

👉🏼 Communication:
Once you place an order containing a pre-order item, we'll promptly send you an email with all the details. While we'll keep this page updated with the latest information, don't expect frequent updates between the ordering and shipping phases. However, if the estimated delivery date shifts by 12 workdays or more, we'll make sure to notify you.

👉🏼 Expected Release Date:
Eager to know when your treasure will arrive? Every one of our pre-order products comes with a clear expected release date, keeping you informed every step of the way.

You can find a comprehensive list below.

However, please remember that these are estimated dates. We rely on third parties, such as shipping companies and manufacturers. Unexpected events, like natural hazards or fires, can also influence these dates, and they're beyond our control.

👉🏼 Shipping Information:
We share in your excitement! However, there's a small caveat. If you're keen on receiving your in-stock items as soon as possible, we recommend placing separate orders for in-stock products and pre-orders. This ensures that your shipment isn't delayed by your pre-order items.

Our policy is to ship orders only when they're complete. So, if your order includes a pre-order item, we'll dispatch the entire order once every item is available.


on availability, restrictions, delays and more

👉🏼 Updates on Product Availability:
Stay in the loop! We're committed to keeping our cherished customers informed, which is why we've crafted this dedicated page.

After placing an order, the confirmation email you receive will contain a direct link right back here. We'll update this space with details on every pre-order product.

Should there be any changes in release or shipping dates that deviate by 12 workdays or more from our initial expectations, rest assured, you'll be the first to know.

👉🏼 Limitations or Restrictions:
We strive to serve everyone, but occasionally there might be limits on the quantity of products available for pre-order or restrictions based on location.

No surprises here, though – we'll always be transparent about any limitations right from the start.

👉🏼 Potential Delays:

While we always aim for timely deliveries, unforeseen circumstances can occasionally introduce delays. However, there's no need for concern! We're dedicated to keeping you in the loop at all times. This page will be promptly updated with any new developments. And if there's a delay exceeding 12 workdays? You'll receive an update directly in your inbox.

👉🏼 Questions or concerns?

Have queries or need clarification? We're here to help! Don't hesitate to contact our devoted team at any time. We're always eager to assist with any of your pre-order questions.


all data for our pre-order products

Curious when to expect a pre-order product? See below for a list of data and items.

🎃 Spooky Things

Our cute Halloween collection!
Products that don't have [pre-order] in their name, are available right away. The products that contain the [pre-order], have the following delivery date:

🎃 Wax Seal stamps Boo! / Boo-tiful Boo / Purr-fect Cat are estimated to arrive around the 12th of September 2023.

🎃 Papers Paper pad / paper set / 12" single sheets are estimated to arrive around the 6th of September 2023.

🎃 Clear Stamp is estimated to arrive on the 29th of September 2023


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