DLS Design issues vouchers and promotional discounts among other things. The terms and conditions apply to these vouchers and discounts. All conditions can be read below.

Supporting conditions apply to all vouchers issued and/or offered by DLS Design B.V.

By using these vouchers, you agree to these terms:

  1. The aforementioned conditions apply to all digital and printed vouchers that are offered via DLS Design
  2. The vouchers can be linked to conditions and promotions, which may differ per voucher. Therefore, read the general terms and conditions and the terms and conditions per voucher carefully.
  3. The nature, duration and expiry date of a voucher will be communicated in advance, based on the general terms and conditions for the acquired voucher.
  4.  The voucher has a support for a certain period of time. After this period, the voucher is no longer valid and/or usable.
  5. Vouchers issued by DLS Design can be used for purchases by DLS Design and cannot be used for purchases from third party websites, including DLS Design products via third parties.
  6. Products and other promotions can be excluded from participation in a voucher. In particular, subscriptions, kits, sale and non-DLS Design brands will be excluded from vouchers by default unless expressly stated otherwise.
  7. Vouchers cannot be used on open or placed orders and cannot be used retroactively.
  8. If a voucher is used for articles whose (total) price falls below the voucher value, the remaining value on the voucher will lapse.
  9. Vouchers can be based on a minimum spending, which means that vouchers cannot be activated for this amount.
  10. Unless stated otherwise, each voucher can only be used once per person.
  11. If you return the item with which you used the voucher, the voucher will expire. The combined amount is then divided into a gift voucher, which has the same amount as the (remaining) period of the voucher.
  12. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  13. Vouchers are in many cases personal and may be linked to a personal account.
  14. With a voucher you cannot get a discount on products other than the guarantee products that apply to the relevant voucher and which are described in more detail in the statements in which the voucher is included.
  15. Vouchers are issued once. No compensation will be made in case of theft or loss. Loss also includes the (accidental) deletion of e-mails.
  16. It is not allowed to modify or falsify vouchers, including hacking, spreading viruses, forwarding or spamming.
  17. You cannot use the voucher for commercial purposes and/or purposes other than those for which they were issued.
  18. The voucher cannot be combined with other promotions or used to purchase gift vouchers.
  19. In many cases it is possible to combine the issued voucher with one or more other gift vouchers.
  20. The voucher discount is visible in the shopping cart. In many cases, the voucher will be active immediately after logging into your personal account via the voucher and link provided. The voucher can also be filled in manually via the shopping cart, after which the voucher value becomes visible, if the applicable conditions are met.
  21. Vouchers cannot be added afterwards and/or manually by DLS Design and must be completed by the customer during the checkout process.

Promotional conditions flyer

  • This promotion is valid on the dates mentioned on the flyer
  • This promotion does not apply to the above exceptions
  • This promotion cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Any online actions must be completed by the customer, this cannot be added by DLS Design
  • The promotion can only be used once per person

Expired actions
All promotions without a date or promotions with a date in the past are no longer valid.

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