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Every collection and kit is based on a collection color palette. This collection palette contains colors from our primary palette with essential colors to match every season and theme. Having this primary palette is why every collection will match older and newer collections. This allows you to mix and match between collections and add a specific color to them if preferred. No need to hassle between finding perfect matching products or having leftover products in your stash that will not match with other collections! We add and remove colors every once in a while but always keep a matching "Essential collection" that creates a perfect base for our primary palette.

See the Essential collection

Benefits of the color palette

Our color palette allows you to mix and match between different products and collections. This way you can use leftovers in newer collections, or remove and add certain colors after your own preference. Having the option to mix and match, if giving you ultimate freedom between our collections AND brands.

Mix & Match

✨ Leftover sheets or embellishments from earlier collectons? No worries,
they'll match upcoming collections!

✨ You can mix and match the collections with each other through our color palette

✨ Our diverse color palette rotates monthly, but still matches older collections

✨ Our Color Essential products makes it very easy to add even more colors. Like adding your favorite color in collections.


Since you can mix & match between collections AND our brands, we added several functions to our website to help you colorwise.

You can e.g. filter by color in our webshop. When viewing products on the website you will find our colors mentioned as a filter on the left side of the page. Simply click on one of the colors, and you will see all products containing that color.

Each product also describes which colors are used in the product and collection. This makes it easy to mix and match products. You can use the color filter or search based on a color by typing the name in our search bar.


Curious to see which colors we use? And have used in earlier collections?

We have designed a free download for you, that showcases all current colors. On the second page, you will also find an overview from some of the released collections and there individual color palettes.

Download our handy color chart now for free, so you always have the colors with you.

And good news: whenever we update the download, you will automatically receive an update and are able to download the latest version.

Download the chart


A color family is a group of colors that are in different tones and hues, representing one kind of matching color family.

For example yellow: we have the Sunshine family, that excist of a lighter and darker shade of the color.

Questions? If you have any questions or concerns regarding our color palette: please feel free to reach out.

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