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Would you like to start scrapbooking but hesitate because you don't know where to start? We understand that! There are so many options and products that you can't see the forest for the trees.

We have some tips to help you get started with scrapbooking. Before we share the tips with you, let us tell you a little about the origins of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is actually very old. The first time the word scrapbook was used was back in 1821. Of course, this was a very different form of scrapbooking than what we know today. Back then, a scrapbook was really literally what the name means. A book of "scraps" that people wanted to keep; clippings, pictures, cards, poems, texts, and as the technique developed, photographs as well. Especially in the 20th century, scrapbooking developed rapidly because a camera was available to many more people, and thus many more photos were taken.

Sometime in the 1980s, the modern form of scrapbooking as we know it today emerged in America. Of course, the materials we use today are more elaborate, but essentially nothing about scrapbooking has changed.

Now for our tips for starters.

1. Start small and simple

If you want to start scrapbooking, it helps if you start with a project that is not too big. An annual album is immediately very big to start with.

Instead, choose a topic or event from which to create a small album. For example, start with an album about a weekend getaway, a birthday, or a booklet of highlights from the baby's first year.

Whatever you choose, choose a project that is limited enough to complete. This will keep it fun! Because nothing is more frustrating than a project that doesn't get finished.

2. Choice of format

Then, of course, we come to choose a format for your project. Of course, the 12x12 inch albums are beautiful! But also big and thick! That doesn't suit a limited project.

Such a large 12x12 album can be quite intimidating. But fortunately, there are lots of other formats you can work in. You can choose a story journal as a scrapbook. If you prefer a real album, there are some standard sizes that are a lot more manageable than that big 12x12 album. You can choose a 3x8 inch, 6x8 inch or 9x12 inch album. Those are fine sizes to start with, depending on which project you choose.

3. Choose photos

Keep in mind at all times that scrapbooking is all about capturing life and memories. The stories you tell are at least as important as the photos that illustrate the story.

We often hear that people want to process too many photos at once because they can't choose from all the photos we take. Especially in this age where we can take so many photos with our phones, we have a huge mountain of photos available. That can cause you to spend all your available hobby time fiddling with photos and nothing ends up coming out of your hands. That's a waste right?

So our tip is: limit the number of photos you use. You don't have to use them all to tell the story. Even seeing one photo will bring back memories. So choose one or more favorites to use. Choose the sharpest photos with the best lighting. Also, choose photos of details at an event. For example, choose a photo of the feet of your baby, the first hug, or a favorite book. Food photos can also be great fun to capture. Be creative!

4. Work with sketches and/or elevators

Once you have decided which photos you want to incorporate, the question is how you want to stick them on your page. You can think of that yourself, of course, but it's easier to work with a so-called sketch or to elevator someone else's page. A sketch is a sketch of a page layout that someone made. Many scrapbook sketches can be found on the Internet. To elevate a project is to recreate someone else's completed project. That way you don't have to think about your page layout and can spend your time creating something beautiful. We very regularly post our teachers' sample projects for inspiration for everyone on social media, and you can also find our teachers' projects in our community.

5. Start buying the basics

There are, of course, lots of scrapbooking materials for sale. Some are more beautiful than others and it is very tempting to buy a lot. We advise you not to rush and to really start buying the basics. Of course, you will need tools like glue, tape, scissors, or a paper cutter. An album and page protectors are also essential.

In addition, of course, you want to create a beautiful project and you'll want designer paper and decorations. Those decorations are called embellishments.

Above all, choose paper and embellishments that match the theme of your project.

If you have a hard time picking out materials that are nice together, check out Paper Memories which is perfect for any beginners.

DLS Design also has several kits available. For example, there is the [Document] Life Stories Scrapbook kit. A kit is a package of all products to make beautiful memory-keeping projects. The exclusive products are carefully designed and put together each month so that the products always match perfectly. So you no longer have to waste precious time picking out matching products. The scrapbook kit always includes 12x12 inch scrapbook paper, a stamp and changing embellishments to decorate your project.

With a DLS kit, it is very easy and quick to create a page. You can choose a subscription where you get a nice discounted kit every month to capture your memories. It is also possible to purchase a single kit and try out if a kit is for you.

Extra Inspiration and Examples


Our community is full of videos and pictures of different projects, especially for all those who want to get more inspiration.

We have several layers and options within the community.

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📌 There are several boards, where you and other members can post messages and photos.

  • 📌 There is a Be Inspired layer, where 6 to 10 process videos are posted each month. Follow our team members step by step as they create a project.

  • 📌 There is a Be Creative layer for everyone who wants to see and know more about certain projects and techniques. There are several monthly videos and workshops especially for subscribers.

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