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Wax Storage Box (nearly perfect)

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Introducing the Wax bead storage

Nearly perfect means that the box is still in good and useful condition, but could have some scratches on the box. 

Expand your wax collection with the Wax Beads Container by DLS Design. This empty container is not only designed to accommodate and organize your wax beads, but can also help with neatly organizing your wax seals.

With its 24 slots, this container offers ample room to store and separate the beads, seals, or other products. Its transparent design allows for quick and effortless identification of the products inside.

The container fits the 30 mm and smaller wax seals.

  • Spacious container with 24 slots for wax beads or wax seals
  • Transparent design for easy color identification

Please note that the product for sale includes only the Wax Beads Container. Wax beads or any other accessories shown in the photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the purchase.

Discover the convenience and versatility of the Wax Beads Container by DLS Design. Order yours today and elevate your wax sealing experience to new heights.


Step 1: Prepare your wax burner. Make sure your wax burner is clean and free from any residue. If needed, wipe it down with a soft cloth to ensure optimal wax melting.

Step 2: Select your desired wax color. Open the storage container and marvel at the array of ten vibrant wax colors awaiting your choice. Select the color that speaks to your mood and complements your decor.

Step 3: Fill the wax burner. Take a handful of wax beads from the container and carefully place them into the wax burner's melting dish. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors to create your unique blend!

Step 4: Ignite the flame. Light the tealight candle at the base of your wax burner. The gentle flickering of the flame will set the stage for an inviting atmosphere.

Step 5: Experience the beauty. As the flame warms the wax beads, watch as they transform into a pool of liquid. Appreciate the stunning colors that emerge and enjoy the visual appeal they bring to your space.

Step 6: Customize your experience. Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and wax quantities to achieve your desired visual effect. Mix and match the wax beads to create unique patterns that reflect your personal style and preferences.

Step 7: Cleaning and storage. Once you're ready to change the color or start anew, extinguish the tealight candle and let the wax cool and solidify. Gently remove the hardened wax from the melting dish, and you're ready to go again! Store the remaining wax beads in the convenient storage container, keeping them fresh and ready for your next creative session.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your Wax Beads Set! Enjoy the vibrant colors and let your creativity shine as you explore the world of wax melting. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is always here to help. Happy waxing!



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Wax Storage Box (nearly perfect)

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